South Pinellas Pool Supplies
and Clear Tech Pool Service understands the benefits of having a great-looking swimming pool in your backyard. Not only does it increase the value of your home, but it also affords a great opportunity to relax with family and friends. That’s why it’s so important to have a pool that looks fabulous and meets your needs. If your pool looks a little rough around the edges or if it needs a complete overhaul, we can renovate your pool to create the perfect backyard escape.

Like a new coat of paint inside your home, a few basic changes to your pool can create a whole new look. Special lighting options alone can accent your pool and highlight its great features. Custom additions or special features further enhance the beauty, value, and ambiance of your poolscape. Let our professional crews perform any necessary repairs or new equipment installations, then enjoy the view as your new pool takes shape with new plaster, tile, or features like waterfalls or spas.

Let South Pinellas Pool Supplies and Clear Tech Pool Service help you sort through the many options available and help you decide what changes would best serve your pool, your family, and your budget. Contact us today for more information.


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